As with training and online courses, Wisevis’ consulting services are structured around the three main areas of expertise: Automate, Connect and Discover. The goal is to support managers and professionals in using business data effectively for understanding and decision-making.

  • Automate:

    • Determine how to optimize the data collection and preparation processes;
    • Data cleaning and validation;
    • Support transition from Excel to PowerQuery if needed.
  • Connect:

    • Create data models suited to the task.
    • Assess and minimize the risk associated with using spreadsheets
    • Implement good practices in spreadsheet design, use of formulas and data structures.
  • Discover:

    • Evaluate current data visualization practices (visualization audit);
    • Create rules and styleguides for data representation in the organization;
    • Design charts, tables, and dashboards;
    • implement reporting solutions based on Excel, PowerQuery and PowerBI.

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