[Excel] How to make a line pyramid

Using lines to create population pyramids creates lighter and clearer charts and allows for more comparisons.

Population pyramid in Excel using lines
Using a connected scatterplot to make a population pyramid in Excel.

Design notes

  • Use a connected scatterplot where age is a numerical value defined by age in single-year classes or the minimum age for each class in 5-year classes.
  • Displaying Male to the left requires multiplying values by -1 and hiding the minus sign from the x-axis labels.



  • 00:38: Add a new column to create a numerical value to use along the y-axis using the formula:

    It reads: get the first to positions from the [AgeGroup] value and turn them into a numeric value; if the value in [AgeGroup] is “100+” use 100.

  • 00:25: Multiply [Male] by -1 so that the series is displayed on the left.